From large sectional couches, microfiber chairs, jacquard weave couches, office chairs, dining room chairs, recliners, ottomans, at Jeannie Clean, we can clean any type of furniture that you have, even if it says dry clean only!

The first step in the cleaning of upholstered furniture is a pre-inspection.  We will look for soil type and buildup, type of fabric so proper cleaning protocol is employed, seam separation, and we will be looking for physical damage such as cat scratches or sun fade/ damage.

Next, the entire piece will be separated and sorted for complete cleaning.  We clean every square inch of the furniture, not just the top like other budget companies.  The entire piece will be properly pre-treated, and then cleaned using the proper tooling.

Currently we are using the most advanced cleaning tool on the market for upholstery cleaning.  It employs a jet less cleaning system which cleans and dries the fabric extremely quickly.  Then we can apply a fabric protector if the client so chooses.

Post cleaning procedures include hand drying of shell and cushions, citrus deodorization, and fabric grooming.

Please see our gallery of previously cleaned upholstered pieces!