When having a true professional clean and restore your hard surfaces, choose the  company which has more than 30 years of experience in cleaning, sealing, and restoring your hard surface to better than new condition.

Weather its ceramic tile and grout you need to have cleaned, travertine, marble, limestone, we have done it all hundreds of times!  The best part is that its affordable.

The first thing we do is determine what type of hard surface we are cleaning.  This is important because we need to choose the proper cleaning solution, proper ph levels, and proper cleaning protocol.  If this is not done, the results will be compromised.

After those have been properly assessed, the pre-treatment will be applied to the floor.  After 10 mins dwell time, we will bring in a low speed floor scrubber and gently scrub the floors to loosen and begin to emulsify the soil build up.

The next step, and most important, is the hot steam pressure wash and extraction of the hard surface.  One tool actually delivers 1400 psi of 240 degrees steam to the floor and simultaneously extracts the solution to the truck.  During this process, the floors ph levels will be returned to a neutral state using our ph balanced textile rinse.

Generally, after this process, the hard surface is left to air dry and takes approxametely 30 minutes to dry. (some grout lines and natural stone can take up to 24 hours to dry).

If a sealant is chosen, we will professionally apply the sealer of your choice and dry it by hand.  The result is a beautifully cleaned and restored floor!

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