Jeannie Clean offers premium residential and commercial pressure washing services. We offer complete cleaning and restoration of commercial and residential exterior surfaces including: rooftops, house siding, concrete, driveways, side yards, garages, movie sets, store fronts, trash pens, dog runs, algae removal, lime scale removal, graffiti removal, and media blasting (sand, soda, ash).

We have several styles of washers depending on the severity of soil, type of soiling, and desired result. The basic is a 3000 psi cold water pressure washing. Our most powerful rig is a fully self contained, 2 man, 4000 psi, 300 degree steam cleaning giant that can clean thousands of square feet per hour.

Each machine has a variety of attachments to clean large or small areas, and special attachments for detail and media blasting. We also have a water recovery system to vacuum up all water for those folks who live in a “no water down the drain city.”

Check out our galleries of cleaning and sealing we’ve done in the past!!!